Christmas Every Day

“The little girl came into her papa’s study, as she always did Saturday morning before breakfast, and asked for a story. He tried to beg off that morning, for he was very busy, but she would not let him. So he began” It is the perfect way to start any story a father reading to his little girl.  I am not a father but it is my profound wish that I may one day be one and I have often imagined reading books out loud at bedtime or by the fire at Christmas.  This is what I thought about while reading this story how wonderful it would be and how beautiful it must feel to be that father reading a story to his little girl who all the while was stropping and pounding for him to “tell it right”

William Dean Howells’s 1892 short story, “Christmas Every Day” about a young American girl, whose wish that Christmas would come daily is granted for an entire year. It is told as a story within a story a literary device that I have said many times I enjoy. The narration between the story her father was telling to the way she protested as to how he told it was something that I just adored about this short tale.  The moral of the tale is great for kids and adults alike that too much of a good thing can never be good.  That what makes Christmas special is that it comes but once a year and that everything should have its time and place.  This message should be picked up a lot more, with the Christmas season being hijacked by shops and media it feels to me as if it comes earlier and earlier each year.  The advent calendars where in the shops at the end of October this year!  If it continues this way we soon will have Christmas every day and if you read this book you will discover that things didn’t turn out for the best!  A beautiful little tale I encourage you all to pick up.


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