One Hundred and Eighty Six

Happy freaking Christmas everyone.  It has been a while since I have checked in so there is a little bit to talk about. First of all my grandmother sadly passed away Friday past, she was 91 years old and had been suffering from dementia which in the end was all too much.  I don’t want to talk about it all just yet, I want to do something more special when I have had some time.  In happier thoughts I got to spend the day with Edgar on Tuesday, it had been nearly six months since I last laid eyes on his wee scruffy face and It was amazing to see him.  He’s not changed a bit, still a loveable cuddle monster who is as inquisitive and playful as ever. We had a wee walk about together and played in the house and had a wee nap too.  It was hard to see him go but he’s a happy wee monster in Edinburgh and very very well taken care of.  Clare has been training him up a lot over the past wee while and he is much better behaved on the lead and the  I will get to see him again soon, hopefully before the summer.  I miss him more than I can even describe, and I wish I could have days like that with him every day.  Christmas has been a strange one this year, nice because I have felt more relaxed and have had more time with my folks not having to come back from Edinburgh for a flying visit.  I got to attend the Christmas work party which was an absolute hoot! The gang and I partied it out up at the Europa and it was an amazing wee night, the first staff do that I can say I have enjoyed!  The festive dinner will be held at my Brother and Sister In-laws this year, and its’ going to be really nice to be surrounded by family again.  We have done secret Santa this year so it will be fun to see who all got who! I am also so excited for Doctor who later on today!  I will try to check in again before the New Year!


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