After The Dark

It is the last class of the senior year at an international school in Jakarta.  A philosophy teacher Mr. Zimit () challenges his class of twenty students to one last philosophic and logical test.  To choose which ten of the twenty of them will take shelter in an underground bunker and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.  Each student chooses at random a profession and then they must all decide whether who is valuable enough for the human race to continue.  The students must pit logic and Rationality against the scenarios that Mr. Zimit devises.

The concept of the movie is actually kind of cool, the visuals and the way the students are basically playing Dungeons and Dragons I did found entertaining.  However the whole premise of studying philosophy and logic is just hijacked by the teacher who in my opinion is a fucking psychopath. How this man became a teacher and survived for an entire year with these students is the biggest mystery.  The movie features some of the most truly appalling acting I have ever witnessed.  It is wooden and scenes play out like a bad American soap opera.  The students are completely one dimensional play out their token parts.  They have no growth at all, are utterly non-convincing and have the acting emotional and educational range of a flip flop.  They all seem plucked from the diversity book or some Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue and try as they may to look intelligent the acting just makes them appear thick as pig shit. The bits I found fun quickly become repetitive and will enviably bore you to tears.  The ending is disgusting.  Not only was it disappointing in the extreme but it was actually painfully agonizing to watch and such a cheat. This movie tries to pass itself off as a clever philosophical mystery with interesting twists but it is just stupid.  I feel stupid for watching and waiting for the good bits it kept building up to that just never ever arrived.

Why did I choose this movie? I had time to kill, but I was the one who died, inside, a long and lonely troubled death. I thought it was a different movie when I put it on, I can’t remember the name of the movie I was thinking but it was something to do with aliens being invisible.  I would give this one a miss, unless you have to use the box to pry out a stubborn ingrown anal hair.  It’s as preposterous as piss at room temperature not nearly as clever as it thinks it is and over all one of the dullest movies I have forced myself to sit through in a long long time.

My Rating: F
Format: DVD
I Would Not Buy This Movie


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