Clonmel 1650

Brewed by Bulmers Ireland Clonmel 1650 is named after one of the most historic events of the town of Clonmel, The Siege of Clonmel. This pilsner style lager celebrates the resilient spirit of the people and demonstrates the strong ties that the brewery has to the small Irish town where it all began in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland.

Clonmel 1650 pours a bright clear gold with a thin white head, the mouthfeel is light and fresh and it has a slightly fruity nose, with a light hoppy character. It is the sort of beer that you could easily drink all night, a quality that brewers love to hear and at At 4.3% you really can get a good few down you over the night. It really is a vastly enjoyable little beer.   I first tasted this beer while in a bar in Belfast called The Dirty Onion. The bar is amazing if you have a chance to go visit it I would recommend it. The environment is quirky and relaxing and a perfect wee place to chill out and grab a beer!  Pushing in really high on my list of 32 New Beers on my list of 32 Things

Beer #18


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