Tarot Card Reading

I have always been interested in Tarot  Card Readings so  added it to my list of 32 Things.  I am a sceptical sceptic which is to say I don’t hold much stock in the occult but I don’t  disbelieve it ether.   I believe my fate is in my own hands and I don’t think I will divine answers in the cards but I wanted to get my reading done for the experience and curiosity.  Taking it as open minded as I can I will admit  it was very intriguing and I did find some fantastic correlations to my own life and it was a positive experience.

Card One: Current Influences. Your present position. This card reveals influences, and shows the general direction of the reading.

Seven of Swords: A card which indicates forces opposing you, the Seven of Swords points to there being a single source of your frustration. This is both positive, in that you may be able to identify that source and change your circumstances, and negative, in that this source may well be aware of you and deliberately sabotaging you. The road to your success does not lie in direct confrontation, however, but instead in guile. Instead of attacking the obstacles raised against you, find ways around them.

In this position, the card reveals: Rely on your mind to see you through your current difficulties; strength will only take you so far.

Card Two: Obstacles Immediate Influences. This card reveals the nature of the obstacles immediately before you.

The Ace of Cups: The Ace of Cups signifies the beginning period of strong emotional health for you. Expect copious joy, happiness, and love to surround you during this time. Existing personal relationships may strengthen, meaningful new ones are likely to form. If marriage is in your future, you are likely to lay the foundations for it during this time.

In this position, the card reveals: Expect good news coming to your home, bringing joy and contentment.

Card Three: Past Foundations. Recent influences or events in the past from which your current situation has arisen.

Four of Swords:  Representing order and stability, combined with the tumultuous nature of the Swords, the Four of Swords offers you respite from the battles in your life. The peace may be temporary, but appreciate it while it lasts. It may point towards recovery from prolonged illness.

In this position, the card reveals: Your past plans may not have adequately prepared you for the coming changes in your life.

Card Four: Past Events. Reveals a recent influence or event which is coming to an end.

Queen of Wands:  The Queen of Wands is associated with an outgoing and friendly personality, indicating you are extroverted but self-contained. An independent streak may contrast with your strong attachment to your close friends and family. Depending on its position in your spread, this card may also refer to someone close to you who you can rely on.

In this position, the card reveals: Your current financial stability has arisen through your sound business judgements in the past, which may serve you well on the road ahead.

Card Five: Goals and Destiny. Shows your desired goals and aims, and reveals the best outcome that can be achieved in your current situation.

The Hermit:  There are times in every life, when one must step back and carefully examine their situations and decisions. Finding the Hermit in your spread suggests this is such a time for you. You are in need of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position. This retreat can be physical, or a search within. Only a deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution, however.

In this position, the card reveals: Your self-sufficiency and comfortable relationship with your own beliefs will lead you to happiness.

Card Six: Future. Reveals a new influence that will soon be brought to bear in your life.

The High Priestess:  Your identification with the High Priestess suggests you possess inherent good judgement, in the form of strong intuition. She may indicate that reason should take second place to instinct. Your head must trust in the wisdom of your heart for a change. Yet, she is also an aide by nature, and her presence in certain parts of your spread could be indicative of someone close to you coming to your rescue with their own intuition. Intuition is most effective at seeing what is hidden to the senses, so the High Priestess may also come as a warning of concealed facts or influences that are, or will be, important to you.

In this position, the card reveals: here is a potential for your actions to bring you real rewards, but only if you maintain discipline and motivation, even in the face of attempts to dissuade you.

Card Seven: The Querant. This card reveals your negative feelings, and provides additional information about how you feel in your present environment.

Three of Pentacles:  If you can maintain a clear sense of purpose over the coming months, you are well positioned to see your hard work get the recognition it deserves. While it is not guaranteed, and it may tax your interpersonal skills, if you maintain your own pace and trust in others, recognition will be yours. That outcome will be worth your determination, as it may not only provide material reward, but also lead to a sense of lasting accomplishment.

In this position, the card reveals: If you are honest with yourself and diligently develop your abilities, you will find yourself reaching an important decision.

Card Eight: Friends and Family. This card shows your influence on the people around you, and their influence on you. It also shows how they fit into your home, work, and surroundings.

Temperance:  An optimistic card, Temperance encourages you to find balance in your life and approach problems with a calm demeanour. It recognizes that opposing forces need not be at war within you. Tread carefully in any major decisions you make, with confidence that good decisions will lead to a good resolution for you.

In this position, the card reveals: You can expect a wealthy partnership or marriage in your immediate circle of friends and family.

Card Nine: Hopes, Fears, and Ideals.  Your inner emotions.

Queen of Swords:  The Queen of Swords represents a very perceptive individual, sharp-witted and professionally distant. You will most likely find her to be your aid and counsel, possibly a teacher. Not necessarily female, but likely to be, this person should be trusted and may take an interest in you, but that interest is unlikely to be romantic. A powerful ally, respect her intelligence and you will be rewarded with guidance.

In this position, the card reveals: Your happiness will come from finding the courage to give yourself to others.

Card Ten: The Final Outcome. This card reveals the final outcome to your question. It’s the product of all the other influences shown in this spread.

Page of Cups:  The Page of Cups, if it refers to you in your spread, suggests an introspective nature, inclined towards art, and possessing a kind heart. You may let credit you deserve pass you by out of shyness. The card may also be indicative of someone, likely overlooked, in your own life who is in a position to aid you in pursuit of a specific goal. Although somewhat dependent on its position in your spread, the Page is generally the bearer of good news.

In this position, the card reveals: You will be hurt, and you will be rejected. You will likely pass through that cycle more than once. Yet, from your emotional struggles you will gain a greater capacity for love than you would otherwise have discovered.


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