The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

It was the First published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia but is the second chronologically in the world of Narnia, following the events of The Magicians Nephew. My edition was beautifully illustrated by Pauline Baynes and updated in colour which really brought things to life.  The story follows the adventures of four siblings Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy who are evacuated to a stately country home due to the WWII Blitz.  When Lucy climbs into an enormous wardrobe during a game of hide and seek she is transported into the world of Narnia.  Here she meets the Faun Mr Tumnus who tells Lucy all about Narnia, the White Witch and how her evil reign has turned the land into a 100 year long winter with no Christmas. Eventually all for Siblings come to Narnia in order to free it from the evil clutches of evil Witch Queen and with the help of Aslan return Narnia to its Glory.

Perhaps the most well-known of all the Narnia novels The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe serves to be such a thrilling tale of exploration, morality family and friendship.  I can not believe that it has taken me this long to read it.  The story was inspired by an image of a faun that C.S Lewis imagined from the age of 16 but it was not until the age of 40 when he decided to make a story out of it. And it is astounding the world he is able to create.  Lucy is the heart of this whole story and it really is her journey that ties everything together.  Lucy is actually a real person,  C.S Lewis’s God daughter Lucy Barfield who came to live with him during WWII he also dedicated it to Lucy.  Again the overt Christian themes in the story are apparent throughout but there all kinds of mythology’s in the story.  It reads so well and I imagined how good a story it would be to read to a little kid at bed time how you could draw out each chapter into its own little adventure. I loved reading this book!


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