Stewart’s: Coconut Porter

Stewart Brewing was founded in Edinburgh as a local, independent micro-brewery 2004 by Steve and Jo Stewart and was based on two very simple principles, to produce the highest quality ale and beers possible and to provide an exceptional service to its customers. Stewart’s Coconut Porter  is part of the Limited Edition Seris and is not available all year around.  It started as an experiment, the master brewers creating a full robust porter with big chocolate and coffee flavours with the underlay of subtle toasted coconut.

It pours black with a creamy head. The nose has a light fresh coconut and chocolate hint  along with those dark roasted malty aromas, it is almost mesmerizing.  The palate is as you would expect full of all those chocolate and coconut flavours with a delightful creamy mouth feel.  It is a rich without being aggressive and I would recommend it to those that like porters and stouts and enjoy the chocolate and coffee flavours.  I had the opportunity to try this beer for the first time at the Stewart’s Brewery while on a tour way back last year when I  first started my  32 New Beers list for the try 32 Things.  Stewart’s  brewery has a fantastic range on offer and I have tried to keep some from my tour back then until later to review so expect more coming your way!

Beer # 21


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