Two Hundred and Twenty Five

Things have been very busy as of late that I missed the little two hundred day mile stone.  I think that is a good thing, I have reset the tally since moving home from Edinburgh 225 days ago in order to separate the Journal side of things on The Flat Cap from what was to what is.  Part of me is thinking to re-evaluate the numbers yet again starting a count from the beginning of this websites creation. That way I will not be counting from the end of one part of my life but from the beginning of the Blog as an entity. Then again that’s what life is, a series of moments lasting from the end of one and the beginning of another over and over again. Ill get back to that one later on.

I am checking in really as things have been exploding on here as of late.  The List of 32 Things have been and will be dominating the content over the next several weeks as time is running out and I have not allocated enough time to fit them in gradually among the other ramblings, so expect to be reading up on a lot of 32 Beers and 32 Things between now and March 16th.  I will try my hardest to keep jumbled about so that it does not become all the same thing.  That is one thing that has been a blessing and a curse about The Flat Cap as a Blog.  It is not  about any one singular thing!  This is what I love about it, that it is so diverse or at least that is the aim, however it makes it all the harder to have followers as it is not focused on anything specific like Movies Books or Music  I have a little and a lot of all of these and more. It really is just a load of stuff that I like and what I’m doing listening to reading watching and or just find interesting.

I think I have to have a sit down with my fellow Web-masters and discuss the best way to use hash-tags to get my posts out there to the WordPress masses! I have a healthy little following of 117 WordPress followers which I am proud of but the majority of my views come from Facebook Twitter and Google+ I will need to try and get the posts out there and build on my followers, however this was always just for me but I do find it so cool that others tune in from time to time, so thank you all.


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