Farmageddon: India Pale Ale

Reading up on Farmageddon Brewery made me wanna go work for them, they seem so much fun and there ethos is amazing.  The Brewery comprises 7 friends who know each other either from the martial arts or punk rock scene in Belfast and who shared a mutual interest of growing fruit and vegetables, foraging, rearing pigs and chickens and a general love of self sufficiency.  The ethos of the company is one of promoting local business, reducing carbon footprint and of creating a brew that is eco-friendly. The brewery itself is situated on 5 acres of land that 10 pigs, 5 chickens, 4 dogs, 1 goat and a beehive call home.  The farm also has 360 Cider apple and Perry pear trees which though in their infancy will one day bear fruit that will open up a range of ciders to the brewery.  The Golden Pale Ale is Farmageddon’s lightest bodied beer and was designed to appeal to the lager drinker but with a lot more punch and aroma. This ale contains some of the rarest hops varieties from around the world.

Farmageddon IPA pours a murky amber with a creamy foamy head. Aromas of ginger biscuits, cookies and bred with an over al spice. Palate has a sweet sweet note of zesty orange with gentle bitterness of lime, ginger and malty grain cutting through. A toasty pale malt finish with an interesting edge of spice and ginger.  I first tried this beer in AlleyCat Belfast which is one hell of a cool funky tavern!  I am happy to add it to 32 New Beers on my list of 32 Things it is the first beer I have tried from this brewery and I will be aiming to try more!

Beer #22


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