32 Things: Attend the Theatre

Having never attended the theatre before I decided to put it on on my list of 32 Things with the plan to go and watch an Opera or Ballet  however it was The Lyric Theatre that was to be the venue.  The show was Mojo and Micky Bo a beautiful play written my by Owen McCafferty, directed by David Grant  and performed by Seamus O’Hara and Christopher Grant.  O’Hara and Grants performances are full of the youthful energy and charm that bring Mojo and Mickybo to life and can create a world around them with the use of two chairs and a stage that I found utterly mesmerising.  It stuck with me long after I has left the theatre and was a real emotional journey.

Mojo Mickybo is an animated, funny, fast-paced, heart-warming and bitter sweet story of two boys growing up in Belfast in the early 1970′s.The two boys one Catholic and one Protestant obsessed with the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid play there games in the heat of the summer, spitting from the baloneys, playing cowboys and dreaming of an escape to Australia while being blissfully unaware of the sectarian violence that surrounds them.  Mojo and Micky Bo is the story of innocence betrayed by sectarian hatred, and shows how friendships of two boys one from “up the road” the other from “over the bridge” are torn apart by it.


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