32 Things: Visit Titanic Museum

Titanic Belfast visitor attraction stands as a monument to the city’s maritime heritage and stands on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard located in what is now the city’s Titanic Quarter.  The visitor centres nine interactive galleries in Titanic Belfast beginning with Boomtown Belfast which talks about the thriving industries and exciting design innovations that led to the creation of Titanic before ascending a replica of one of the huge pillars of the Arrol Gantry and taking a whirl on the Shipyard Ride which uses special effects, animations and full-scale reconstructions to recreate the reality of shipbuilding in the early 1900s. We follow Titanic’s story from its launch from Belfast through the fitting-out process and its maiden voyage onto the sinking and the aftermath of the disaster.  At the end of this you can discover all the myths and reality’s surrounding the story of Titanic. You can explore the wreck in an impressive multi-level viewing gallery and finally visit the Ocean Exploration Centre.  There is so much to see that you could easily go around it twice or more and still have loads left to see!  The building itself is an astonishing sight.  The building’s design, intended to reflect Belfast’s ship making history and the industrial legacy of Harland & Wolff stands 126 feet (high which is the same height as Titanic ’​s hull and is covered in in 3,000 individual silver anodised aluminium shards.  This has lead locals to suggest that it is shaped like the ship’s hull and the iceberg that sunk it over 100 years ago.

I had the great fortune to first visit the Titanic visitor centre on a little cultural date with my friend Jennifer.  The original plan I think was to go to Edinburgh Castle as part of my 32 Things but since moving home I switched it over to this!  It is a thrilling informative and entertaining few hours that I would recommend to anyone in the area.  Tickets vary in price but if you are a Northern Irish resident you will get a discount so make sure and tell them at the box-office.



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