Revisionist: Saison Beer

Revisionist beers is part of the Marston’s brewing group who since 1834 have been brewing beers and adding different breweries to the family.  They  believe that all great beers are born from creativity, passion and from not always following the rule book.  Revisionist have given their team of brewers, Genevieve Upton, David Nijs, Simon Yates, Jon Tillson and Dave Carter free reign to ‘revise’ beer styles and create their own new interpretations using contemporary ingredients and techniques to deliver memorable drinking experiences.  There are only two guiding principles, fresh thinking and fresh beer.  Saison Beer was created by Simon Yates, Master Brewer at the Park Brewery in Wolverhampton it is a contemporary take on the Belgian style of farmhouse ales that where traditionally brewed for farmworkers at harvest time.  Saison (French for Season) delivers a pale golden beer that is full flavoured and fruity, yet dry and refreshing..

Saiaon Beer pours a dark amber, clear and with a white foamy head hat dissipates quickly.  Aromas of lemon along with some spice thrown in.  First taste is fruity, lemon and spicy hop flavours, light malts but over all zesty.  Clean and crisp finish, bitter but has a fruity edge.  It’s a lovely beer and not too intense.  I think it will drink better in the summer.  I enjoyed my first bottle from Tescos and although it was nice I doubt I would return to it unless the weather was warmer and I was in a beer garden.  It is the second beer from Revisionist brewery to my 32 Beers on my list of 32 Things I will keep an eye out for more!

Beer #28


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