“I am Tetsuo” – Tetsuo

On July 16, 1988 an atom bomb vaporizes Tokyo. 31 years after WW3 in 2019, Neo-Tokyo has risen, a decrepit city filled with violence and desolation.  In this chaotic future a teenage motorcycle gang member Kaneda finds his best friend Tetsuo get involved with a secret government project known as Akira, who endeavour to unlock godlike powers of the mysterious Akira and in doing so transform Tetsuo into a rampaging homicidal telepath.  Kaneda desperate to save his friend joins up with an anti-government movement and goes in search of the mysterious Akira, a telepath even more powerful than Tetsuo.

I sat down to watch this knowing nothing about it other than it was an acclaimed Anime Movie.  Its dark motorcycle gang warfare set in the back drop of an imagined Neo-Tokyo looked utterly stunning, and even more impressive when you realize it was entirely hand drawn. The film itself is based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, a hugely popular Japanese comic. It has the feeling of all these small elements being brought together to form the greater story, the Teenage rebellion and over all dissatisfied youth and society’s fear of that youth, it just explodes on the screen.     The movie takes place in 2019 and depicts Neo-Tokyo creating a new Olympic stadium. Coincidentally, Tokyo is scheduled to host the 2020 Summer Olympics which I am unsure they wold of been are of back then.

Why did I chose this movie? Akira is regarded as a revolutionary movie in the anime film world, one that not only influenced much of the art in the anime world that followed, but led the way for a growth in the popularity of anime movies outside of Japan. It was for this reason that I chose to add it to my list of 32Things, Anime being something I have always wanted to get into a lot more.  While watching the stunning visuals I kept thinking how a live action version would be epic, and even a live action TV series.  This visually astonishing, dark, apocalyptic science fiction adrenaline ride will have you glued to your seat for the whole two hour running time.  The genius of what captures you so much is the linking of the apocalyptic aspects with the rage of the dissatisfied teenagers.  I watched a dubbed version but I will be picking up the subtitled version when I can.

My Rating: A
Format: Download (I-Tunes)
I Would Buy This Movie


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