Guinness: Dublin Porter

It all starts with just one man, Arthur Guinness but his story it’s not down to a single ‘eureka’ moment. The history of Guinness is an aspiring tale of inspiration, dedication, ingenuity and effort. After being left £100 in the will of his Godfather, Archbishop Price, Arthur buys a 9,000-year lease on a disused brewery at St. James’s Gate.   Guinness has been brewing there unique Irish stout for over two centuries so it is no wonder why they are one of the world’s best-loved beers.   Brewed in almost 60 countries and available in over 120 Guinness boasts sales totalling 850 million litres annually!

 Pours a dark brown with hints of red with an off white head.  Mild roasted malt on the nose with a hints of dark fruit.  Palate is a milder version on a Guinness.  It has all of those signature flavours but lacking in the creamy fullness. It is very malty with a glimmer of hop’s in the background.   I quite enjoyed it.  I find that sometimes a Draft is too much and the Dublin porter was a relaxed version that went well with a burger!  I grabbed a wee bottle from Curleys and  would recommend it actually!  Its coming to the end now of my 32 Beers on my list of 32 Things!

Beer #29


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