The BFG was written in 1982 by Roald Dahl and is illustrated by Quentin Blake.  The story is about a little orphan girl named Sophie who while peeking out of her window at night, during the “witching hour”, she sees a giant blowing something into the bedroom windows down the street. The giant noticing her, reaches through the window, and carries her off to his home in Giant Country.  Here The BFG or Big Friendly Giant introduces Sophie to dream catching, the foul-tasting vegetable snozzcumber and the wonderful delights of frobscottle. However a darker world also exists and The BFG is not the only Giant in Giant county.  Nine other giants also dwell there and rather than spend their nights catching dreams, eating snozzcumber and drinking frobscottle they gallop off to eat men women and children all over the world.  Sophie and the BFG devise a plan and with the help of The Queen of England, the Head of the British Army and the Marshal of the Royal Air Force set off to capture the evil giants and put a stop the horrid murders by their hands.

I loved this little story, I remember reading  Roald Dahl story’s in primary school but I never actually read any of The BFG.  It is a fun and wonderful story which though at times could be scary for a young child I think it is a perfect little bedtime story!  The darkness focuses on the giants and they all get what they deserve and all ends up well with a nice homely tidy ending.  It has been adapted to a cartoon movie and into a stage play but recent news has stated that DreamWorks and Disney have announced a forthcoming film adaptation of The BFG, is set for release on July 1, 2016 and will be directed by Steven Spielberg.  I am looking forward to that!!


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