Have a Pint in the Crown

The Crown Liquor Saloon is a pub in Belfast, Northern Ireland, located in Great Victoria Street. Refurbished to a high standard in 1885, it is an outstanding example of a Victorian gin palace, and is one of Northern Ireland’s best-known pubs.  I have always known about The Crown, passed it by too many times thinking it some old man’s bar in my youth.  However my youth being a long ways away now I started to look upon it in a different light.

It is such a traditional pub with a completely unique character.   I loved the décor the etched stain glassed windows and the little booths that at once offer privacy but also encourage you to talk to people. I went in alone for a pint and the fact that the only places to sit where at large tables within booths forced me to make a few new friends.  I put it on my 32 Things as it is good to try new things and what better place to try than a new bar! I tried a pint of Hilden which was an al-right new beer! I would recommend all of you not to pass this little jewel of a bar up.


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