Hilden: Belfast Blonde

Hilden Brewery’s ethos is an uncomplicated: inspire people to taste and appreciate craft beer and to enjoy good company while doing so.  The Company was established by Ann and Seamus Scullion in 1981 in the hope to reintroduce Ireland to the tradition of a local brewery making beers of distinctive character and taste. Hilden is now the oldest independent brewery on the island of Ireland.  Every Hilden beer is available on draught at different times of the year. Something that I have always enjoyed about the craft beer scene and one that not all brewery’s adopt.  It allows smaller firms to keep a dynamic range on offer and by changing it up can craft season specific beers and ales.

Pours a fantastic amber gold, with a light creamy head.  Nose is light, with subtle aromas of citrus chalk and grass.  Beautiful light floral Floral hop aromas with underlying honey sweetness.   Crisp and clean lightly bitter finish.  Over all it is a light refreshing beer that is perfect for a relaxed afternoon pint!   I tried a Pint of this in the Crown Belfast as part of my  32 Beers on the list of 32 Things and it is actually the last one on the list!  I hope you enjoyed this journey over the past year staring in that little bar in Scotland’s Capital to this little bar in Northern Ireland’s.

Beer #32


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