The Rest of the Little Things

Write A Short Story

This one was the hardest and the easiest of all the 32 Things.  I  had planned to write a short story and post it up here but ended up writing quite a few, and not having the bravery just yet to post any of them!  I let my pen begin with a few writing with no real aim and others I  planed out the world too much and the story got lost.  My main idea was to talk about Edgar, somehow write a story  about a walk we went on but that I found to be to be all at once Joyful and full of Sorrow.  I will start to post some of them up when I find the courage!

Message In a Bottle

This one I was never going to share, only me and the person who finds it will ever know what I scribbled down.  It was full of everything I needed to say,  everything I wanted to say and everything else that I couldn’t.  It was the hardest thing on my list mostly because of the content and for how long it actually took me to write down.  I left  my email address inside for whoever finds it, if anyone ever does, so that they can contact me. If on that day I will post up what I wrote.

Escape for the Day

Once again talking about this one in any real detail would defeat the purpose of it.  I do enjoy my own time and it is nice to just escape and run off some place and not tell a soul where I am going. To quote Oscar Wild “I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvellous to us. The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.” . Escaping will be something I will be doing allot more of, turning off the mobile phone and running away somewhere will be the delight of this coming summers days.

Discover a New Hobby

I have been wanting to try this for ages and as the list was 32 Things I haven’t done I decided that there was no better time!  The hobby, I guess you could call it a hobby, combines two things that i love. The out doors and riddles! Geocaching the outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or in my case a mobile app  to basically play hide and seek.  Containers called “geocaches” or “caches” are places anywhere in the world and are typically small waterproof containers containing a logbook for the geocacher to enter the date they found it and signs it with their established code name. I am still pretty new to it all but keep an eye out for a few interesting posts!

Try: Krispy Kreme 

People have been banging on about Krispy Kreme doughnuts for ages now!  There was one in Edinburgh that I had always meant to go and visit but when I moved home i took it off the list as there where no Krispy Kreme stores in Northern Ireland that I knew of!   However when I was away on a stag do in Liverpool I managed to pick myself up one of their delicious, freshly made, topped, glazed and decorated by hand doughnuts.  I decided to take the chocolate with sprinkles doughnut or as I called it “The one with the coloured fragments” which cracked the lady at the counter up!

Try: Crab

I wasn’t sure I would actually get around to doing this one, as simple enough of a task that it was! I managed to try some Crab Claw at the Red Hot World Buffet and bar while in Liverpool for Gavin’s Stag!  It was nice, the meat is soft delicate and sweeter than I had imagined although the sea did come through in the flavour!


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