The 32 Things

First of all its my Birthday today so happy freeking birthday to me! Its one year on and the list of 32 Things though somewhat changed from the original is complete! So much can happen in a year and yet i really found it hard to fit it all in!  32 Beers was the most difficult, more so when I moved out of Edinburgh and back to the limited micro brewery’s of Northern Ireland.  the hardest part was bogging them after I had drank them, remembering what I thought and keeping up.. I managed to do the first 13 of so in one day at a brewery tour!  Moving home meant having to change some of the things on the list but I think I kept it all in the same spirit!  It was a good wee challenge but not one Im gonna repeat this year!  It has dominated the last few months of my bogging so Im gonna try to get back to some of the other things I love!


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