Born Slippy – Underworld

It starts off with strange lyrics and a melodic piano melody then the beats kick in and that hard baseline just pounds the speakers! Then the Melody kicks back in and chills the mood again before once more kicking back into that pounding thumping drums.  This song reminds me of my friend Chris Morrow and of the times when we would go ice skating at the Jet Center back in the old days.  It was one of a few songs that at the time they played on a constant loop.  We would skate around and around to the electronic trance and tribal drum beat tune doing our wee annoying teenager thing where we thought we owned the place.  It’s a tune that my only memory’s of hearing was in the ice rink and the only tune by the band Underworld I could even name

Artist: Underworld
Song: Born Slippy
Album: Single Only
Released: January 1, 1995


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