For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is a collection of short stories by Ian Fleming, featuring the exploits of fictional Secret Service agent 007. The book contains five short stories which rather like the featured novels of earlier work picked up with Bond on a mission and acted like a quick glimpse into his world.  It was a great change of pace for the most part and an enjoyable read. The themes that I found to run throughout are that of Justice, Revenge and Morality.  Bond questions his role as an agent and assassin in these books in a subtle take on his feelings rather than a grand epiphany you may expect

From a View to a Kill: This was my favourite of the five.  Bond investigates the murder of a motorcycle dispatch-rider and the theft of his top-secret documents. The immediate change of pace from the opening lines from Goldfinger had be wishing that this was its very own novel and not just a short story. It’s a sharp conclusion and full of action and suspense throughout

For Your Eyes Only:  The title story for the novel.  The focus shifts from Bond to M in this one.  When the Havelocks, personal friends of M, are brutally murdered in Jamaica by two Cuban hit men.  M sends Bond on a voluntary assignment to kill the man who sent them.  It was another step away from the normal with bond really being an assassin but this time for his friend.

Quantum of Solace:  I was looking forward to reading this as I had always wondered about the title.  This was a very different affair from any story I have read so far.  Bond is in Nassau and attends a dinner party at Government House, after completing a mission.  The story follows a conversation bond has with The Governor.  The Quantum of Solace is the death of common humanity.

Risico:  M sends Bond to investigate a drug-smuggling operation based in Italy that is sending narcotics to England.  This is an interesting tale but one that from watching movies I has already picked up the theme.  The characters in this story however make the tale much more than the plot.

The Hildebrand Rarity:  While Bond is on an assignment in the Seychelles Islands he meets American millionaire Milton Krest, who Bond aid him in the search for a rare fish.  This was a strange story, a big side step away with no real reasons for bond doing what he does.  The focus I found was the inner monologue of bond and how he sees and feels about death.



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