The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room was my first of O. Henry’s works that I have read. It is a bleak, creepy and unsettling little story that had me gripped to the pages from start to end.  I liked the suggestion that every place bears the traces of the lives that have inhabited it, I have always felt this way about places that evoke emotion for no discernible reason. The thought that some sort of echo exists of days gone is as comforting as it is spooky, it all depends on where you are.  Next time you get the chance to I would suggest standing still in an empty room or building and soak up all that was there before, I have done this with many places and I find it to be a comforting feeling.  I think that is what made the story so compelling and enjoyable for me to read, the fact that I could connect with this small thought the author had, in the same way.

The vocabulary is easy enough to understand and the sentences are structured to bring you into this tale with ease.  The big opening and descriptive path this tale takes you on really draws you into the filthy streets of New York’s lower west side.  The musty atmosphere of that room so cleverly described that I could almost taste it in my mouth as I read.  This coupled with the striking imbalance of the sweet and ghostly scent of marionette made for an altogether anxious, lonely and chilling story of the struggles and uncertainties that young people face, in search of self and identity.


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