Mercury Rising

Mercury Rising Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis), a wrongfully disgraced, renegade FBI agent, combats Nick Kudrow (Alec Baldwin) a ruthless Federal agent in order protect a ten-year-old autistic boy Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes ). Why.. well here is the twist Simon is a Autistic Savant who has unknowingly cracked the government’s new “unbreakable” Mercury code and has been deemed a security threat and is therefore assaulted by ruthless deadly assassins in a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of government.

Bruce Willis does an amazing job as tough as nails FBI agent who doesn’t go by the book, fair enough its the role he can play with his eyes shut now but I think there was something deeper in his performance, it really isn’t your typical Bruce Willis film. Maybe it was the relationship between Art and Simon that drove the movie for me. I felt that what he was fighting for, all he cared about was protecting this orphaned vulnerable autistic boy, that’s all he cares about. Keeping Simon safe and alive! Miko Hughes does a fine job as the traumatized Simon, kicking and screaming, a role that if not done correctly could have been potentially seen as insensitive. Alec Baldwin is very convincing in his role as the bad guy, his performance is very chilling and detestable!

Why did I choose this movie?  I have not seen it in 10 years and have been going through a phase of old movies so keep an eye on more to follow! Somewhat underrated this film was slammed by critics but I have absolutely no idea why, I guess I am one of a few that really enjoyed it. Like I say it’s not your everyday movie, and again if the subject matter if not handled correctly could of come over as insensitive but I think it was bang on. A solid suspense movie, this film is very entertaining and has just the right amount of action.

My Rating: C
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie


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