300th Post

Three hundred posts! In the past Six months since hitting the Two hundred post I have been scribbeling away adding as much exciting and varied content to The Flat cap as I could. My 32 Things has been completed and I have started on a few new additions to the blog.  My Astronomy which I plan on making a fun little journey through the cosmos has been something that I have been trying to get going for a while now!  It is still in an introductory stage but I have a plan on where I want to take it and over the next six months I hope to build it up to be a fascinating collection by post Four hundred.  My 32 Things have been completed and although I decided in the end not to go for 33 things I will maybe take a trip back to the bucket list again, and plan it out better so I am not struggling to fit it all in last moment!  Although not officially named, I have begun a countdown to SPECTRE by reviewing all of the James Bond movies.  This has been in the works since late 2013 and should hopefully prove to be a fun read for any Bond fans on the run up to SPECTRES release in November!  With all of the new content I have grouped together a lot of the older stuff that I still plan on perusing into more focused categories. Food and Drink will combine whisky beer and wine reviews alongside any attempts at cooking.  While Literature will group Book reviews, speeches, poetry and Word of the do which I really plan to get back to doing.  When I started this my only plan was to start it and let it grow without too much thought and see where it took me.  I have had conversations with my cohort Keith who has helped me focus some of the aspects of the site and give me ideas on branding but for the immediate future I’m going to continue to let it grow in its own way and see where it takes me.  Beyond that and looking onward to Four hundred posts  the unknown is a lil more fun!


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