Three Hundred and Twenty Eight

Thought I  would check in!  It has been a while since I have actually took some time to have a chat on here !  Loads has been going on but I wanted to take today to discuss a little thought I had. I have been pondering about quitting my job and becoming a Double 0 Agent.  I reckon I would make a really good double 0 agent.  I have been been watching and reviewing James Bond movies but in addition to that i also have been playing the Goldeneye for the wii.  It has  been a while but I am getting back to my old level of greatness.  I loved the N64 version too and was amazing at it, anyway . As a double 0 agent I would get to sneak about and infiltrate places kill the bad guy. I would be class at it. My skills are top notch. I am very good at hide and seek which is a good skill if you think about it cause it teaches you how to hide and also how to find the bad guys. If I was in charge we would of found your fella Saddam a lot quicker, and Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t of stood a chance!  When I was younger say about 8 or 9…ok say about  8 to 18+ I played army with my friends. That’s ten years training right there, running around building sites and sneaking about. Fair enough we never killed anyone but I still think it was good training with pellet guns cause them things sting when your hit, and sometimes my insane friends and I played indoors at short range.  So to rap this little thought up, I think that I as a double 0 I would of been flipping kick ass!

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