Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend Elaine (Scotty Thompson) visit his successful best friend Turk…I mean Terry (Donald Faison). Terry from what I gather is Jarrod’s old mate and is a big successful somebody living luxurious high-rise apartment in LA, an apartment that nearly the entire film is constricted to.  When strange blue hypnotic lights descend on the city, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an alien army sucks them into the sky and eats their brains the friends must find a way out of the city and escape the invasion all while not looking up!

Skyline, the alien invasion film about brain eating extra-terrestrials that distract you with little blue lights and then grab you! The little blue lights have mesmerising effect on anyone who sets eyes on them… sort of like how women get over Edward Cullan. The lights cause their flesh to explode with varicose veins, and their eyes to glaze over… again sort of like Edward Cullan. This blue light phenomenon is never explained or understood why it is needed in the movie… exactly like Edward Cullan. Im just thankful it was only 94 minutes or my eyes would of glazed over, my brain turned to mush and be totally overcome with the weight of the sheer blandness of it!  Skyline is tired, lame and predictable following in the line of Cloverfield and District 9.  The script is horrible the story is useless and the characters are flat one dimensional and carry no substance!  Honestly I was rooting for the aliens the whole way through. The special effects are spectacular, and even more impressive when you realize it was all done by a couple of guys sitting in there front room but all the special effects can’t get over the dull boring and un-sympathetic acting style, its really nothing more than a big screen B movie!

Why did I choose this movie, why indeed! It looked so good in the promos and the trailers, the special effects looked spitcacular with a nod towards movies like Independence Day but sadly it wasn’t! It looks like it was directed by a brain dead baboon, written by a drunk tramp with a wrench in his pocket and edited together by a disembodied hand suspended in ethanol. Seriously the people who wrote this cant tell a story worth spit, but damn those special effects are cool.  The thing that annoys me most is the untapped potential of this movie. The aliens are somewhat intriguing and kind of like zombies because they crave brains.  The tag line was “Don’t Look Up” but it should of been “Script is Terrible , Acting is laughable , FX are amazing” I can’t say much more than just do yourself a favour and miss this one out!

My Rating: F-
Format: Rental Download (NetFli)
I Would Not Buy This Movie


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