The story behind the fairy tale of Sleeping beauty, that of the powerful fairy Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) a beautiful, pure-hearted young woman and protector of the enchanted lands called the Moors, befriends and falls in love with a human boy Stephan (Sharlto Copley) from a neighbouring land.  When betrayed by this young love Maleficent’s once pure and beautiful heart is turned to stone, filled with vengeance and the once beautiful land of the Moors falls into darkness along with her heart.  Maleficent places a curse on a young infant princess Aurora(Elle Fanning), daughter to the one who betrayed her. Aurora cursed to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall asleep before her 16th birthday is protected in a secret location by three kindly fairy’s until the curse can be broken, however Maleficent also keeps a watchful eye on the “beasty” through the long 16 years in hiding and discovers that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled lands and restore her once untrammelled heart.

Robert Stromberg’s directorial debut is a smashing hit, after working as Visual Effects and Production Designer on movies such as The Hunger Games and Pirates of the Caribbean you know that his vision for the movie would be spectacular but I could never fully describe how wonderfully beautiful this movie actually is. The characters are beautifully portrayed with visual effects mastery that really is mind bowing.  I loved Diaval (Sam Riley) Maleficent’s crow who in many ways as her confident and only friend.  There is a certain scene when they are together and Diaval gives Maleficent a look and her response is a commanding “Wot”, best line in the whole movie made me laugh so much.  Pushes the old fairy tale of a prince rescuing the damsel in distress and is more about the powerful women of the fairy tale world. Its dark and raw and incredibly cleaver.  Its about a love that runs deeper than a kiss and stronger than first sight. The levels of this movie are all at once complex but masterfully laid out so that you can accept it all with a gentle ease because you have went through this journey as you watch.

Why did I chose this movie?  I have been wanting to watch it since it was out in the movies but never got a chance. I loved this movie, right from the very beginning it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Disney movies I have watched in a while and casting Angelina Jolie as Maleficent was amazing. I will admit I wasn’t too sure what to expect and I half assumed that it was a walk in the park movie for kids but I was wrong. It has such a deeper feeling this whole old fairy tale story of Sleeping Beauty is retold in a beautifully heart-breaking and heart-warming way. It is so cleaver, and wont follow a route that you would expect and even the characters that we all know so well don’t follow any predisposed pattern. This was an unexpected little gem that is breathtakingly beautiful! I wanted to watch again the moment it ended.

My Rating: A
Format: Download (I-Tunes)
I Would Buy This Movie
Artwork by: Hamza Fihmak


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