British agent 009 is found dead at the British embassy in East Berlin, dressed as a circus clown and carrying a fake Fabergé egg, MI6 immediately suspects Soviet involvement. M (Robert Brown) assigns Bond (Roger Moore) the task of following Soviet General Orlov (Steven Berkoff) who is stealing jewels and relics from the Russian government.  Bonds Investigations to a wealthy Afghan prince, Kamal Khan(Louis Jourdan), and his associate, Magda (Kristina Wayborn) who works for the mysterious Octopussy(Maud Adams). Bond uncovers a plot much more sinister than smuggling, one to force disarmament in Europe with the use of a nuclear weapon, leaving soviet Russia the unchallenged superpower in the region.  Will Bond be quick enough, before World War III begins?

The film’s title is taken from a short story in Ian Fleming’s 1966 short story collection Octopussy and The Living Daylights, although the film’s plot is original.  Octopussy goes all out on Bond Girls! Maud Adams’s timeless glamour gives the elegance to the Bond Girls while the Swedish Born magnificence of Christina Wayborn actually steals the show with a sultry beauty all of her own. Her dramatic exit from Bonds bedroom undoubtedly is one of the most impressive exits by a Bond girl in the whole series. The bad guys don’t pull their punches ether! Louis Jourdan brings poetic elegance to a treacherous and sophisticated villain, countered by Steven Berkoff who’s wonderful rage filled Russian General is amazingly frightening.  The henchmen are just as devastatingly dangerous, Orlov’s knife-throwing henchmen always scared me as a kid and the towering and intimidating Gobinda (Kabir Bedi) Khan’s bodyguard.  Filmed on location in England, Germany, USA and India. India itself is as much a character as any actor or actress, the stunning natural beauty of the country with its rivers, bazaars palaces and of course peoples.  In one scene while Bond is having a knife fight between two rickshaws , a local cycles between the filming and into the middle of the fighting completely unscripted.  He continues on without a sideways look, as if it is normal behaviour.  The Thirteenth Bond movie went head to head with a rival James Bond production “Never say Never Again” with Sean Connery so 1983 really was “Bond vs. Bond” at the box-office.  The theme song “All Time High” was composed by John Barry, with lyrics by Tim Rice, performed by Rita Coolidge. It follows on the same lines as “Nobody Does It better” and though not my favourite it was a big hit in European countries.

Why did I choose this movie, well I have actually forgotten how much I did like this film!  There is just so much to enjoy!   A pre credits sequence that was explosive daring and funny, one of my very favourite of the Rodger Moore era!  It just blew me away with the perfect mixture of elements!  Showing the other 00 agents on a mission, expanding the view that there are other 00 agents.  It is darker more intense and suspenseful but it has those elements of humour that keep the tone balanced. Q (Desmond Llewelyn) in India equipping Bond in the field grumpy as always a highlight of any bond movie.  Not only does Q spend his time scowling at Bond for not taking care of his equipment and saying his signature line “pay attention 007” but he actually goes on mission with Bond!  He plays a bigger role in this movie is all part of why I love it so much.  Vijay Amritraj  as the MI6 agent Vijay, was a fun addition!  There are some silly moments like Bond swinging from vines like Tarzan and ending up in a clown costume but it’s all easily shrugged off!  Octopussy is an electrifying adventure full of non-stop excitement thrills and suspense and Roger Moore’s best performance as agent 007.  The deadly expertise, acerbic wit, and overpowering sex appeal of this movie is the perfect balance of every element you would want in a Bond movie. From a thrilling jet chase to a climactic countdown to nuclear disaster this is Bond at its best….James Bond will return in A View to a Kill.

 My Rating: B
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork by: Alain Bossyut


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