The Last Song – Jason Webley

Sounds like it has been hollered out by a pirate and I love it!  It is reminiscent of another much sweeter song that I can’t put my finger on.  Full of a sadness that can’t quite be placed but at the same time makes me smile.  Its at odds with what it is, hazy happy sad and confusing.  I could imagine it being sung drunkenly with me and my friends in the wee hours of the night.  Jason Webley’s fusion of folk, experimental and alternative music is just something all of its own and I have really enjoyed getting to know his music.  Jason began as a street performer, playing accordion in the streets of Seattle, Washington, but has since moved in-doors and on stage, playing various venues.

Artist: Jason Webley
Song: The Last Song
Album:  Against The Night
Released:  Sometime in 1999


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