Something Fresh

Something Fresh a novel by P. G. Wodehouse that was first published in September 1915, under the title Something New.  This was to be the first in the Blandings Castle Saga which after reading this I will most certainly be looking to read. Our first story in begins with the absent minded Lord Emsworth accidentally pockets a priceless scarab belonging to American millionaire, two young neighbours Ashe Marson and Joan Valentine, find themselves drawn down to Blandings castle on a mission to retrieve the scarab while impersonating servants.  The scarab belonging to Mr. Peters  who’s daughter Aline is coincidentally engaged to Lord Emsworth son  Freddie, who himself  is worried about some incriminating letters he wrote as a young man that could be the ruin of him is only but a taste of the hilarity of what insures over the course of this novel.

It took me a while to get into, with all that was going on and the “set up” so to say it was seeming a little scattered.  It wasn’t until the accidental theft of the scarab that things started to bind together and revolve around it when I could relax into and enjoy it fully.  Its so wonderful to read, I would read  some parts of it over and over just to get the proper flow between the back and forth between the characters.  It really is just a joy! The characters are so wonderfully detailed and their personality’s jump off the page at you so much you can hear them talking as you read.  This is my very first experience of Woodhouse and I will be drinking up as much as I can get my eager hands on from now on!


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