The Moonlit Road

The Moonlit Road is a short horror story written by Ambrose Bierce, an American editorialist, journalist and short story writer.  The moonlit Road was first published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1907.    Ambrose Bierce switched back and forth between rigidly controlled war stories and macabre, otherworldly ghost stories but he also publishes several volumes poetry.  This is my first experience with Ambrose Bierce and was a wonderful way to become acquainted with his works.

This morbid and tragic tale of Julia Hetman is imparted to the reader from three perspectives that being Julia Hetman, her husband Joel Hetman, and her son Joel Hetman, Jr. The irrational state of events are conveyed n an ambiguous and distorted manner which is never really resolved leaving the reader to make gleam some sense out of the affair for themselves.  I enjoyed the narrative segments each one building on the story from a different point of view and it is completely subversive.  The language used is also beautifully eloquent and the three-handed narration is a very clever technique that I have never come across until now.  The abrupt dark imagery used to describe these impossible events serves to not only draw you further into this world but to do so with ease.  I would recommend this little tale, it plays out almost like a fireside ghost story or an urban legend.



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