From Dusk Till Dawn

Two criminal brothers Seth and Richie Gecko (George Clooney and Tarantino) escaping to Mexico after a daring jail break and back robbery with the FBI and Texas rangers close behind them,  The Gecko’s take a vaccinationing family hostage to help them cross the border using their motor home.  Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel) his son Scott (Ernest Liu) and daughter Kate (Juliette Lewis) are dragged into an unholy battle with the Gekkos when they unknowingly take sanctuary in a bar called The Titty Twister that is inhabited by monstrous vampire strippers.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino From Dusk Till Dawn is a movie that I remember watching with my friends as a young teenager and thinking it was the coolest shit to ever be put on video, yes I do mean VHS. The wise cracks the action and monster gore the throwaway remarks and sexy topless women, it was all just the perfect mix for a movie!  The cast is phenomenal a great bunch of seemingly nobody’s who fit their characters perfectly. Casting Gorge Clooney in his first Hollywood movie was perfect and with Quentin Tarantino as his psychotic rapist brother just added to the genius, they play of each other so well. Tom Savini “The Godfather of Gore” in his role as Sex Machine was just immensely funny. I still laugh when he introduces himself to Kate in such a matter of fact sort of way.  Salma Hayek prancing about in her underwear had to be the most re-watched part of the VHS copy I had as a 14 year old boy!  I mean just look at that body I am biting my fist even now as I write this! The soundtrack is epic, it has that perfect fit which is such a Tarantino thing.  Its one of the first things he does when thinking or and writing a movie, he will sit down with his record collection and just start playing songs and it just adds to the coolness of the movie!

Why did I choose this movie? I was scrolling through Netfliks and when I saw it I just had to watch it again, it had been too long!  Its full of immensely witty one liners and threats that as a teenage kid and adult sound beyond cool.  It starts cool as a cool as hell pair of bank robbers making their way across the border and then slaps a curve ball from hell with the introduction of monster vampire strippers!  It is almost like two small movies in one and the switch from pulp crime thriller to cult horror classic was seamless. It spawned two movie sequels be it a direct to video and a TV series on Netflicks which I am going to watch! Get this watched if you haven’t already it’s a cult movie that is sensationally entertaining full of dark humour and Salma Hayek dancing in her underwear!

My Rating: B
Format: Netflix
I Would Buy This This Movie
Artwork by: Guilherme Grecu


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