On mission in Soviet Russia James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) agent 007 and Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) agent 006 infiltrate and destroy a secret Soviet chemical weapons facility in 1986.  Trevelyan is shot dead by Colonel Arkady Ourumov (Gottfried John) as Bond escapes from the facility as it explodes behind him.  Nine years later, Bond is sent to investigate Russian involvement with the theft of a prototype helicopter by Janus crime syndicate.  MI6 believe that Ourumov, now a General, is working with Janus operative Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), and are both directly responsible for the destruction of the secret Russian research station called GoldenEye a space weapon able to fire EMP at any selected target on earth.  Aided by CIA agent jack Wade (Joe Don Baker) and Russian gangster Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane) Bond is able to make contact with the Janus, but the betrayal he discovers go’s deeper than he could of ever imagined.  Enlisting the help of Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), lone survivor of the Severnaya incident Bond will face off in a breath-taking confrontation with his enemy’s in one of the most explosive, thrill-packed adventure Bond movies of all time.

The title GoldenEye pays homage to Ian Fleming’s Jamaican estate where he wrote the James Bond novels and though the screenplay is entirely original it still feels like Fleming!  The post credits opening sequence is one of my favourites, it not only sets the tone but follows on into the main movie.  The stunts and action is amazing and seeing another double 0 agent on mission with Bond is epic!  Bond Girls. Izabella Scorupco is the most beautiful Bond girl to ever grace the screen and will fall most definitely into my Top Five Bond Girls ever!  Natalya Simonova is intelligent, independent and courageous, the qualities that I love in a woman, and those best suited to a proper Bond Girl.  Her role is much more than just a pretty object for Bond, she has depth and moves the story along.  The bossy and sarcastic side of her nature only makes her characters more alluring. Also seeing her beat the shit out of Boris (Alan Cumming) was pretty awesome as well.  Famke Janssen wickedly sexy is perfectly cast as Xenia Onatopp who equal parts savagery and beauty, gets her thrills from crushing men between her thighs.  The subtle and not so subtle moans of pleasure when she’s fighting shows how much this girl gets off on killing.  There is a scene with Xenia at the start when she steamily cums herself while murdering science staff at Severnaya.  Ourumov looks at her with a face of “what the actual fuck” and it always makes me laugh.  The new M is a lady, Judi Dench brings something special to the role of M and moves Bond movies into a more female dominant world where the woman wear the trousers.  The coldness she feels towards the Bond comes through perfectly as the “New Boss” busting up the “Boys Club”.  The new Moneypenny played by Samantha Bond is also shifts away from the role she most recently played as the besotted ditzy secretary, into a stronger and more devoted and caring role of old.  She my favourite Moneypenny so far.  The loveable gadget master Q (Desmond Llewelyn) is back and falls into a “crazy uncle” in his shed role.  Classic Q always makes me laugh with the mucking about in his lab!  The theme song for GoldenEye is “GoldenEye” written by Bono and The Edge of U2, and was belted out by Tina Turner. It is one of my favourite theme tunes to a Bond movie.  I think the 90’s is when the Bond theme songs came into their own, you can still listen to GoldenEye today and enjoy it!  The opening credits by Daniel Kleinman also perfectly depict the nine years that have followed the pre credits mission with today’s world.  The fall of the berlin wall, the deconstruction of communism and once mighty Soviet Union intermixed with sticking visuals of

Why did I choose this movie? Goldeneye is my favourite Bond of them all, not only because of how amazingly put together it is but also for what the movie brings me back to.  I was thirteen when Goldeneye came out and running about with my friends playing Bond in building sites and forests with pellet guns.  Pierce Brosnan is also my favourite Bond, I just think his take incorporated all his prior Bonds into something special.  This movie just has so many of my favourite elements that it is hard to find a better Bond, I love the pre credits opening sequence, I love the title song, I love the Bond, I love the Bond Girl, the villain is top notch and the supporting characters all fill the roles perfectly.  There is just so much win!  It spawned three video games over the next fifteen years following its release so I’m not the only one to adore this movie!….James Bond will return in Tomorrow never Dies.

 My Rating: A*
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork by: Alain Bossyut


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