15: The War of 1812

Not so much the war itself, but the outcome is what I have issues with.

The War of 1812 was fought between the newly established United Stages of America and what was left of British North America after they rebelled (basically Canada).

Having successfully left the British Empire the Americans got a bit overly confident and decided that while the UK was fighting the Napoleonic wars in Europe they could use the opportunity to make the Canadian provinces join their republic.

The Americans made two fatal errors.

  • One was underestimating the abilities of the few British solderers who remained in North America, and two was the Canadians themselves and their commitment to remaining in the Empire.
  • They also didn’t take into account Napoleon’s ultimate defeat and a missive influx of British troops across the Atlantic when the war in Europe ended.

Ultimately neither side in the end was really invested in a war at all. The British were happy with a bit of revenge and after dining in it they torched The White House and most of the important buildings in Washington. Rather than reassert His Majesties Rule over the former American Colonies, they just packed up and headed back to the soon-to-be Great White North.



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