Tomorrow Never Dies

Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) plans to use his global news network company to pit the world’s superpowers against each other in order to boost his ratings.  Starting by destroying a British warship in Chinese waters, the criminal mastermind is set to bring the world to the brink of WWIII.  James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is set on a mission with a 48 hour time limit to investigate Elliot Carver and uncover the plot that threatens to pit the world’s largest naval fleet with the world’s biggest Airforce.  Bond joins forces with a lethally combative Chinese agent Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh), who is on orders like Bond to uncover the truth before all-out war ensues and this egotistical media baron fulfils his mad scheme to write tomorrows news today.

Tomorrow Never Dies is the first movie title that in no way relates to the novels of or Ian Fleming himself. The original title was “Tomorrow Never Lies”, however a mistake was made at the printing office and the but the marketing department decided to keep it.  It is the first film produced after the death of Albert R. Broccoli and his legacy is continued by stepson  Michael G. Wilson and his wife Barbara Broccoli.  The villain plays out well in this movie.   Beginning with a post credit sequence that is another of my favourites showing Bond at a terrorist arms bazaar on the Russian border.  The thrilling set of events full of action and suspense just throw you into the movie right away and make you yell “Yes” at all of the heroics.  News baron Elliot Carver influencing and creating news storys for his own gains was a great idea for a villain in the late 90s.  Jonathan Pryce was a fantastic choice he just loos and plays the part so well.   Teri Hatcher is unbelievably beautiful, and has that same sexy sass that I think the best Bong girls should have.  With their scenes together you get the feeling that he really did love her and still does. It in many ways brought something more real into the mix, an ex-girlfriend in many ways, and although the mission is there he has to confront that past with her.   Teri Hatcher actually was three months pregnant at the time of filming and only took the part to fulfil her husband’s lifelong dream of being married to a Bond girl.  Her Husband sounds cool!  The Michelle Yeoh plays Wai Lin the Chinese Bond counterpart and does it well. She is totally kick ass and looks sexy as all hell.  Her character is full of action but the romance between her feels more like cat and mouse and its not always apparent who is who.  Regardless at least they didn’t stoop to a stupid name for her.  The theme song for Tomorrow Never Dies is “Tomorrow never Dies” written by Mitchell Froom and Sheryl Crow who also performed the songs vocals. It is a fantastic tune and as with Goldeneye has its own take on the Bond theme. It fits the feeling of the movie along with the Credits sequence that has of lovely naked lady’s silhouetted against media’s coverage TV screens and binary code.

Why did I choose this movie?  Tomorrow Never Dies has loads of elements that I love in a bond movie and though a lot of blogs and critics from being hollow, shallow and full of shameful product placement.  I have to agree that on a lot of levels this is true and the disjointed feeling comes from a script that wasn’t finished at the time filming began but the Bond formula is there and it still works even if some of it’s a little bit extravagant.  I really am a fan of Brosnan’s bond maybe this is why I give the credit to this movie that I do.  I like how he comes over as more human, more jaded and troubled. This was hinted on in Goldeneye by 006 and pushes into Tomorrow never Dies especially with the hinted back story between Bond and Paris. ASll the regulars are back Judi Dench and Samantha Bond as M and Moneypenny play the girl power roles to perfection.  As always the scenes with Q (Desmond Llewelyn) are the ones you look forward to and look back on with a smile. I also loved how Jack Wade () was brought back briefly I loved his character in Goldeneye and if your quick you can catch Gerard Butler as a crewman on HMS Devonshire. Tomorrow Never dies is pure escapist entertainment Pierce Brosnan is all out action in this spectacular death-defying thrill ride of a movie.  The stunts are cleaver and amazing the gadgets fun and quirky and the characters good and bad are a joy to watch.  The one liners are not just left for bond and it is immensely quotable …James Bond will return in The World is not Enough.

 My Rating: B
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork by: Alain Bossyut


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