Dark Horse – Megan Davies and Jaclyn Davies

Megan Davies is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. This is an amazing acoustic cover has a brilliant folk indie spin on the Katy Perry pop original. The sisters voices are beautiful, accompanied only by the guitar they produce a wonderful harmony.  I find it incredible how songs can be broken down to their base elements like this and made better for the simplification. It even feels totally different when listening, the change of mood and meaning behind it to me is much more powerful.

Cover Artist: Megan Davies and Jaclyn Davies
Original Artist:
  Katy Perry
Song: Dark Horse
Album: Prisim (Katy Perry)
Released: December 17, 2013
Released: April 20, 2010


Sons and Daughters – Allman Brown (feat- Liz Lawrence)

It is a wonderfully raw and heart felt emotional song with an exquisite harmony that just falls over you like autumn leaves. Simple and effortlessly beautiful lyrics of the day to day live of a couple in love and experiencing the small simple things of there life like setting the table or enjoying a glass of wine together.  It paint a picture of a love that’s a silent walk in the park hand in hand, of a soft kiss good night and for the hope of the blessing of sons and daughters.  Currently planning a release of an EP with Akira Records Allman Brown is an artist who I am looking forward to hearing much more of.

Artist: Allman Brown (feat- Liz Lawrence)
Song: Sons and Daughters
Album: Sons and Daughters – Single
Released: 2 September 2013

Unsteady – X Ambassadors

X Ambassadors is an American alternative rock band from Ithaca, New York and all round bunch of cool guys! Brothers Sam and Casey Harris with friends Noah Feldshuh and Adam Levin make up the band.  The guy Sam’s voice is incredible, it actually just captures your attention and immediately sets you in a hypnotized wonder at the song. The gritty grimy back beat alongside the simple piano melody just imprisons you in the moment.  A very unique sound, which is intriguing lyrics and the perfect blend of emotion, lyrics, and truly outstanding vocals.

Artist: X Ambassadors
Song: Unsteady
Album: The Reason
Released: June 10, 2014

Colors – Halsey

It is amazing how she can perfectly describe someone as ripped at every edge but still a masterpiece.  It is beautifully heart-breaking how someone can still love you and see your beauty through all your flaws and sadness and emptiness.  This is a totally epic little song! I have listened to it now a good couple times on repeat.  The lyrics and vocabulary used with the sweet tune that little back beat and Halsey voice just made me close my eyes blast up the volume and drift off into a happy little daydream.   Halsey born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, began her career by posting cover songs on YouTube under her own name but has made her break with the debut album “Badlands” released at the end of August  this year which “Colors” was taken from.

Artist: Halsey
Song: Colors
Album: Badlands
Released: August 28, 2015

Crystal – Stevie Nicks

Simple elegant little song with powerful lyrics belted out from a voice that is nothing short of phenomenal.  Like all great songs can we each will interpret them in our own ways. I feel that it’s all about being in love, or rather the realisation that you have fallen in love even though you maybe had tried not to.  That the clarity of this realisation of a love that has grown from a modest friendship  into  something deeper and more passionate, like those slow burning embers of a fire that never fully die out, is like a peaceful contentment with the world and the feelings you have come to accept.

Artist: Stevie Nicks
Song: Crystal
Album: Buckingham Nicks
Released: September 1973

Closer – The Tiny

The Tiny is a Swedish band who I discovered from the weather on Welcome to Nightvale. Ellekari Larsson voice sounds and the timing and slight change of pitch just drew me into this song.  Its cute, but unsetteling at the same time, like Björk and Kate Bush.  Hauntingly minimalistic melodic and with a classical almost gothic feeling. It’s a beautifully sounding little tune.

Artist: The Tiny
Song: Closer
Album:  Close Enough
Released:  Spring, 2004

Bill & Annie – Chuck Brodsky

A sweet sounding song with a country feeling and vocals not dissimilar to Dylan.  The overall gentle feeling is what I enjoyed about this song.  Its narrative and lack of chorus is wonderful, almost poetic in a way.   Chuck is an American musician and singer-songwriter who lives in Asheville, North Carolina.  I stumbled on his tune when listening to the weather on Welcome to Nightvale! It was just a tune I wanted to share, its hard to describe the feeling, pretty much about two people who never really have good timing with one another.

Artist: Chuck Brodsky
Song: Bill & Annie
Album:  Letters in the Dirt
Released:  August 20, 1996