56: Sandwiches

There is something about the perfectly crafted sandwich that makes it so much more than a meal or a snack. It is more than something to eat it is an art form.  It begins with the choice of bread, the canvas that your masterpiece will be built upon thick cut to granary or even a wholemeal bap the choice here is what sets the scene. This being said sometimes what you desire to be in the sandwich will dictate what it will be served between.

So many good combinations of salad cheese and meat can be combined into the creation of the perfect bready treat and with the addition of mustards, chutneys, mayo and other assorted sauces you have a kaleidoscope of possibility’s all as beautiful and tasty as each other. It pays to think it through, the right bread the proper cheese the right chutney, mayo and meat.  All of these small decisions are each a stroke of the brush, a piece or he puzzle, nothings to be rushed it has to be crafted with love and patience.

Some of my Favourite Sandwiches

  • Ham hock with extra mature cheese served on a bed of crisp lettuce and a splash of onion between multi seed bread.
  • Egg and Bacon on toasted wholemeal bread.
  • Honey roasted ham with mature cheese, mayo, crispy lettuce and a few slices of cucumber between wholemeal bread.
  • Thick sliced chicken breast on white bread with sliced boiled egg and spring onion lettuce and mayo.

RoboCop (1987)

In the near future the city of Detroit, is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin and unchecked crime. The mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) enters into a contract with the city to run the police force. Thing is OCP doesn’t give a shit about the city and plan to replace it with the utopia of “Delta City”, and the cops with a robotic replacement ED-209. Sadly, but awesomely, there is little glitch and the ED-209 goes fucking berserk and on a murderous rampage during its demonstration. Back to the drawing board! Veteran cop Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) with partner Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen) chase down criminal boss Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) and in the process Murphy is brutally murdered in one of the most awesomely brutal and vicious death sequences ever seen. Murphy is pronounced dead and OCP takes his body and utilizes parts of the remains in the construction of the first RoboCop. From there on out, the movie revolves around RoboCop taking out the scum of Old Detroit, remembering who he is and then sacking the evil employees of OCP.

The mix of science-fiction, action and social satire Robocop is all action with minimal plot or character development. It is a movie that hints at a lot more than what is there, lacking substance and any real peril. The computer graphics are not great granted but they are amazng when you realize that  all special-effects were generated with an Commodore Amiga computer. Still it is enjoyable for what it is, action and murder with the bad guys having the most fun! Its not the best thing I have ever watched but you know that before you sit down to it, in fact I think I like it more because of that.  RoboCop has inspired people some years later to beginning a Kickstarter campaign to create and erect a 12 foot statue of RoboCop to be placed in Detroit.  This is now in production.

Why did I choose this movie? Why indeed, have you ever just been in the mood for some old time silly SiFi action?  I loved the remake RoboCop and as it kept flashing up on Netflixs  I decided to just jump back into the 80’s and watch the orignal.  One of the bast things about watching old movies is seeing where the actors are now, Peter Weller has been in Dexter, Kurtwood Smith is from That 70’s Show and Paul McCrane was in ER.  I learned a lot from this movie, I learned that a giant robot built for law enforcement will have a “squealing pig” sound installed in it’s system files in case it falls down the stairs. I learned that USB ports will be obsolete in the future, we will use lethal spikes for computer interfacing. Most importantly I learned to stay out of trouble, because dead or Alive your coming with him!

My Rating: C-
Format: Netflix DVD
I Would Not Buy This Movie
Artwork by: Adam Sidwell

Sons and Daughters – Allman Brown (feat- Liz Lawrence)

It is a wonderfully raw and heart felt emotional song with an exquisite harmony that just falls over you like autumn leaves. Simple and effortlessly beautiful lyrics of the day to day live of a couple in love and experiencing the small simple things of there life like setting the table or enjoying a glass of wine together.  It paint a picture of a love that’s a silent walk in the park hand in hand, of a soft kiss good night and for the hope of the blessing of sons and daughters.  Currently planning a release of an EP with Akira Records Allman Brown is an artist who I am looking forward to hearing much more of.

Artist: Allman Brown (feat- Liz Lawrence)
Song: Sons and Daughters
Album: Sons and Daughters – Single
Released: 2 September 2013

The World Is Not Enough

After British oil tycoon Sir Robert King (David Calder) is killed in a bombing at the MI6 headquarters James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent to bodyguard Kings daughter Elektra (Sophie Marceau).   MI6 believes that Renard (Robert Carlyle), a KGB agent-turned-terrorist, who previously kidnapped Elektra for ransom money to fuel his terrorist means.  Renard was shot in the head by a MI6 agent but the bullet failed to kill him instead it made him stronger, killing off his senses as it slowly travels though his brain. After an attempt is made on Elektras life Bonds investigations lead him to the theft of nucular material from a warhead and to uncovering a larger plot, one to take down her family’s oil pipeline which was to serve as Europe’s oil reserves. Teaming up with American nuclear physicist Christmas Jones(Denise Richards) Bond must stop Renard before he unleashes a nuclear explosion that will devastate the world.

The title comes from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and eludes to Bonds Family motto which is a nice nod back towards Ian Fleming.  The caharaters are what drive the story in this movie.  Q (Desmond Llewelyn) was to play his final scenes in this movie which was released before his tragic death.  This exit from the series leaves a haunting feeling every time you watch it.  Q was one of my favourite characters in all of the Bonds, I always looked forward to the gadget masters scenes.  The relationship between  him and Bond has all the feelings of a father that Bond never had and Q really has saved his life countless times.  Its sad to see him go.  M (Judi Dench) gets to play a much greater role in this movie, in many ways is more implicated in the plot with her role being central to her relationship to Elektra King and her family.  Sophie Marceau’s bad girl Elektra King brings the exact mix of exotic beauty and predatory danger that the Bond girls of old had.  Her character is a complex one. She is undoubtedly one of the most stunning women to ever play a bond girl, and for as hard as she has made herself there are softer elements there that would make it easy to fall in love with her.  Denise Richards in the role of a nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones was an oddity. I think shes amazing looking but seemed to young to be playing that role and the least said about the name the better.  Still she’s hot, super hot and the attitude plays n well with the theme that Bond has taken since GoldenEye where the girl has a little more spunk to her.  Robert Carlyle I cannot tell you what a stroke of genius it was to have him cast as Renard.  The way he can play the bad guy with a look or a glance and eben just his presence on screen, its unnerving.  He can stare at you with those dead eyes and you wouldn’t know what he was thinking or what insane way he was going to kill you.  It was so great to see Valentin Zukovsky (Robbie Coltrane)former KGB operator, turned Russian gangster and arms dealer, turned Casino owner and caviar producer, his character just makes me happy.  The relationship between him and Bond has somewhat developed and it was a nice tie in to the last couple of Bonds.  The theme song for The World Is Not Enough is “The World Is Not Enough” was written by David Arnold and Don Black with Garbage performing.  I love this Song, the lyrics and the feel of it much as  Tomorrow Never Dies.

Why did I choose this movie?  The oil-pipeline plot seemingly torn straight from the headlines of the time however there are some elements that just scream Bond Autopilot.  I how the depth continues in this movie with small things happening to give such a broader scale behind it all. The fact that there is throwaway comments and situations that don’t serve the plot but strengthen the bigger world. There is a more complex back story the the plot than its givin credit for ad I think it’s a shame that the critics didn’t realise this.  The action serves the story and the bullets are flying from the pre credit sequence which is one of my favourites so far to the final showdown with one of the most vicious villains ever. There is a good balance between character, plot, story and action and it’s a damn good movie…James Bond will return in Die Another Day

 My Rating: C+
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie
Artwork by: Herring Haggis

11: Autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

Autumn always puts me into a very select state of being, one of nostalgia and melancholy wrapped up in  comforting blanket of contentment with the world. I love the crisp cold and misty mornings with frost on the grass, I love the darker evenings when a sunset will hang low in the clear evening sky.  I love the leaves on the ground the excuse to wear a scarf and back in the day to light a fire and sit around in the comforting glow. Everything is a little more atmospheric. It is the very specific colour palate which makes Autumn as a season so wonderful, all of the livid brown hues and faded yellows there rich crimson and dusky shadowy orange its beautiful.  Its a colder time of year and to have such warm colours surrounding you just makes everything in some ways magical.   Autumn has been my favourite time of year for as long as I can remember.  It was a time of year for looking for conkers, of Halloween and sweets.  I have memories of running through big piles of leave on my walk home from school as a little kid, and of the wish to bury myself in one of them to scare people as they walked past.  I still want to one day do this one day, but until then you will find me in the park kicking the crispy leaves as I walk!

The Tell-Tale Heart

Villains!” I shrieked, “Dissemble no more! I admit the deed! –tear up the planks! Here, here! –It is the beating of his hideous heart!” – The Narrator 

“The Tell-Tale Heart” was first published in January 1843 and begins like many an Edgar Allen Poe’s tales with an unnamed narrator addressing the reader.  Our narrator claims that he is nervous but not mad and that he will defend his sanity with a story that begins with a confession of murder.  The motivation for this murder neither of passion nor for the desire of money,  but rather the fear of the man’s pale blue “vulturious” eye.  The tale tail heart is a study of paranoia and mental deterioration after the murder of an old man.  Our narrator offers no conflict to his guilt but only seeks to attain the evidence of his sanity. I found it a strange tale akin to a child doing something wrong and admitting to the deed before they are found out. The ticking or throbbing of the heart the narrators once conscience thumping away until they cannot bear it and must confess all or die. It is a very short story, surprisingly short in fact for as much as I have seen references to it in popular culture.

Beetle Juice

Recently deceased couple Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara Maitland (Geena Davis) who are struggling to come to terms with the confusion and drudgery of the afterlife when an unwanted family of oddballs Charles Deetz (Jeffrey Jones) his obnoxious wife Delia (Catherine O’Hara) and funereal loving daughter Lydia (Winona Ryder) move in and overrun there once quaint and beautiful home. Delia who with her nasal, mauve-mongering Soho decorator Otho (Glenn Shadix) strip there home of all its charm and turn it into modern art hell. Unable to spook the living out them selfs they call on the help of Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) a cowboy/used car sales man stye “bio exorcist “. This obnoxious poltergeist promises to “exorcise” the living from the home, but dishes out a tonne of supernatural mayhem while he’s at it!

Beetlejuice.. Beetlejuice.. Beetlejuice… Aww nothing happened, was really hoping for the ghost with the most Beetlejuice to appear and start jamming to “Day-O” (The Banana Boat Song) with me… aww well! Still we have the movie, and it’s an amazing movie, its a fun wacky macabre zany movie, Its a movie that could only of been envisioned by the dark twisted and fantastical imagination of Tim Burton. Tim who teams up with writers Michael McDowel and Larry Wilson (The Nightmare Before Christmas).  I love the thought of the Neitherworld, its not hell or even hellish its just screwed up and mental.  Also going out of bounds transporting you to Saturn that was covered in those sand worms was an amazing touch.  Michael Keaton is in no doubt the main star of the flim and actually ad-libbed many of his lines.  Funny, scary, gross extremely innaproprate and strangley loveable Beetlejuice really is the ghost with the most!

Why did I choose this movie? Well because it is completely bizarre, wacky comedy about the undead with one of the most memorable characters ever, the perfect Halloween Movie!! Its subtle touches like the undead hand book and the support worker who had her throat slit and breaths her ciggerette smoke out the hole just adds to the insanity and fun of the movie, I think that if it was made today Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter at the helm but don’t worry I cant see a remake in the mix. Its charm is that despite being over twenty years old, Beetlejuice is relatively ageless, the special effects are spot on with the anamtronics even lending its quirkyness to the whole thing.  A creative and very original story that you will watch, watch again and enjoy over and over! Shake shake shake Señora, shake your body line…

 My Rating: A*
Format: DVD
I Own This Movie