Word of the Day: Capitulation

One definition is that of an agreement on specified terms; a covenant, a treaty. Another would be to say capitulation is an act or the action of yielding; giving way, giving in. In the run up to the Second World War British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain entered into an agreement with Adolf Hitler. In the agreement Britain would concede parts of Czechoslovakia and look the other way. Turned out Czechoslovakia was only the beginning as nation after nation fell to Nazi rule.


a. the act of capitulating “The defenders had to capitulate to the invading enemy forces”.
b. a set of terms or articles constituting an agreement between governments “The General was forced to sign the capitulation of Japan”.

Capitulation between two sides seeking a resolution for the greater good is great. However, conceding to tyranny on a point of principal (e.g. Czechoslovakia) will never end well. Try using shambles in a sentence and drop us a comment.


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