Go Karting: Scott’s Day

Day trip to Raceview Go Karting in Ballymena for my friend Alans stag do took place on Saturday the 2nd of August 2014.  The numerous pints consumed later that night is the reason this post is a little late in being published!   There was seven of us in total, Alan (the stag) with two of his mates Charlie and Brendon, my brother Philip along with Gavin, Keith and myself.  We were meant to begin racing at 6:30 but as the place had been overbooked it was closer to 7.30 before we got down to it and our waits between the first three races was terrible however things did speed up near the end.  We decided to do Time trials which meant that we would each get six races lasting five minutes each.  All of us would be on the track at the same time so it was pretty much like racing each other anyway.

My Lap Times and Position

1.       19.803      2nd
2.       19.189       5th
3.       19.301      4th
4.       18.817      5th
5.       18.380      1st
6.       18.716      5th

Top Laps of the Day

1st           Charlie               17.824
2nd          Gavin                 18.168
3rd           Scott                  18.380
4th           Keith                  18.394
5th           Philip                 18.592
6th           Brendan            18.981
7th           Alan                    19.131

Things got competitive as they do which resulted in one or two bumps and in the six races we had plenty of action.  I took Philip out when I “accidentally” tapped his rear wheel causing us both to spin off, I however was facing the right way and so could drive on. I managed to do a whole lap and he was still stuck facing the wrong way. I also had a near miss when Gavin, or maybe Keith spun out when I took over him on the last corner but I believe that was their bad driving for allowing me to slip past.  Philip had a smash into the wall at the pits, I stopped to say hi and then sped off. Brendon had the worst crash and was actually very lucky, he took out a wall and the whole track had to close while he was dug out.. I got his kart after and it had bits of wall still left in it.   It was a really good day and we all agreed that for £30 it wasn’t really all that expensive!  Expect to see more day trips to Raceview soon!


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