Edgars Favourite Things: Taking Selfies

Edgar loves taking selfies, I mean look at these two photos of his handy work!  Two truly amazing selfies from a truly amazing Dog!



Merry Christmas From Edgar

Edgar wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of new Years!  Tucked up and loving his Christmas Jumper he really is in the Jollyest of Moods!

Edgars Favourite Things: Dunkin’ for Parsley

Ok this is a old story. Edgar had two baby teeth that refused to come out and gave him very smelly breath. Clare and I Googled how to freshen a dogs breath to stop us from being sick whilst waiting for the teeth to fall out and found that parsley in water can help with the smell. What we did was rip up chunks of parsley and scatter it through the water – but Edgar had a better idea of what parsley was good for in water. He decided he had quite liked the taste of i and proceeded to dunk his face in to pick out the pieces of parsley leaving him completely soaked! In the end up we had to chop the parsley finely to stop the mess. His teeth have since been pulled and his breath has become delightfully doggy fresh again.

Why not find out more about Edgar at his own wee Blog on Stuff Our Dog Does

Edgar’s Favourite Things: Gazing Out The Windows

Thing about Edgar is he really does enjoy keeping an eye on the world!  He could happily cuddle up and stare out the windows watching the world go by and having a little nosy at all that’s going on!

The photo above shows Edgar intently staring out the window into the back garden looking out for squirrels or the neighbours cat.  the photo below shows Edgar having a nosy out the front window at the cars and other doggies on their walks.

He is like a little old man just keeping an eye on all the neighbourhood  making sure that he doest miss out on anything.  Its the best thing when he is being clipped, We plonk him on the table and it keeps him distracted!

Happy Birthday Edgar!

Today is Edgar’s birthday! Yes the little hound is a whole year old!   The photo on the left is his happy but scruffy face this morning as he was waking his mummy and daddy up early from a pleasant slumber!  He will be getting spoilt, ok more spoilt than he already is at the weekend!  We are going to buy him a new teddy from Clare’s Parents from Build a Bear so a big thank you to them from us and Edgar. Edgar loved his bears but the one he has now is getting a bit tattered, I will update you on the bear when we get it!

He already has made great friends with his new duck toy that his pal Keith Greer got him as his first birthday present!  To all of you who know Keith it is a very appropriate present!  The photo to the right shows him chewing away!  At first Edgar was scared of the squeak, now we are!  He loves it and its a constant companion and a constant squeak about the house! I will just add to keith if you are reading.That duck iS LOUD,  and thank you, Edgar loves it! Should we name the duck? Any suggestions? Answers on the comments section!

Edgar came into the world on the 30th of October but it was not until the 24th of December that he came into our lives.  Small bundle of fur who loved the camera from day one! His ears are a little more floppy in the photo the the left but you can see what a beautiful little hound he is!  So this little post is all about Edgar!  Our little, inquisitive, playful, loveable puppy who in a few weeks will be moving onto the adult food and more adventures as a big dog!

Why not find out more about Edgar at his own wee Blog on Stuff Our Dog Does